PLCC socket
4.4 - 10.1 A, max. 20GHz | Leaded ROL™200 series Johnstech

Johnstech's patented ROL™ technology provides excellent electrical performance and proven mechanical reliability on Leaded Devices. The Leaded ROL™200 utilizes two contact configurations that were developed specifically for the unique challenges and different device platings used in Lead-Free Testing.

Production Test
The self-cleaning wipe action of the "rolling contact" design provides many benefits for Production Test:

* Consistent Contact Resistance
* Optimized Electrical Performance
* Higher First Pass Yield
* Less Frequent Cleaning
* Increased MTBA (Mean Time Between Assists)
* Prolonged Load Board Life
* Simple Maintenance and Rebuilding
* Typically Backwards Compatibility with Leaded Series 2mm
* Improved OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
* Lower Overall Cost of Test


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