DIN rail programmable logic controller / security / I/O
Pluto series JOKAB SAFETY


  • Type:

    DIN rail

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Pluto is definitely an "All-Learn" security PLC idea, that simplifies the style of security techniques and achieves the greatest security degree (group 4) based on EN 954-1/EN ISO 13849-SIL and 1 3 based on IEC/EN 61508. There is no "Master-Slave" relationship between the control units connected to the safety bus. That is the key difference between Pluto and conventional safety PLC´s. Every Pluto is really a 'Master' device and may view the other Plutos' outputs and inputs, and may therefore make choices about its very own security atmosphere. This idea allows easy changes, communication and programming towards the security program. By using a 'Gateway' gadget, a Pluto can get in touch with other shuttle techniques and therefore type a part of a bigger system.


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