automatic packaging machine / blister / for cardboard boxes / compact
DPP150K-2 Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd.



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    for cardboard boxes

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The characteristics of Blister Packing Machine DPP150K-2:
1. Blister Packing Machine DPP150K-2 is small and suitable for the blister packaging of capsules, tablets (irregular tablets) and pills, etc., for small batch production.
2. It is suitable for plastic thermoforming and aluminum cold forming blister packaging.
3. This machine can be custom-built to produce plastic thermoformed trays with maximum forming depth reaching 50mm.

Main Technical Parameters:
Max. Speed: 60 punches/min.
Max. Output: 120 blisters/min. ( blister size 57×80mm)
Max. Forming Area: 135×120mm
Max Forming Depth: 12mm
Material: Max. width 150mm
Machine Power: 3.2kw
Machine Dimension: 2200×570×1380mm
Machine Weight: 800kg