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Air compressor / piston / lubricated / stationary
9 - 30 m³/h, max. 400 bar (g) | TORNADO series J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH


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    high-pressure, cooled


Sauer piston compressors are capable of handling forces up to 500 bar for regulating procedure and manufacturing via high-pressure gasses or air.

The initializing active air compressors are most preferred by manufacturers and are highly advanced, productive and dependable machines around the globe.

Additionally, these compressors aim at extensive and accomplished customer service for project level buying and post-sales assistance to guarantee exceptional productivity throughout their life span.

Sauer combines the collection of compressors with precious add-on, architectural support and assembly in its operation. This makes it the most ideal for usage in modules as well as turnkey factories.

Today's industry largely depends on these Sauer piston compressors.


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