Circular chart recorder
-35 - 130 °C JRI


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This self-contained circular remote recorder serves the purpose of recording variations in temperature and relative humidity. The Remote Minidisque uses gas expansion technology for temperature and hair for relative humidity.

The device has a measurement accuracy at 23°C, T : ±2% of the MR with a minimum of ±1°C, RH : ±5% R, various measurement ranges, for eg- -25°C+25°C , +30°C +130°C , 0°C +120°C , -35°C+15°C , -10°C +40°C, and a recording time ranging from 24 hours to 7 days. The medium it records on is a pre-impred paper, in a circular diagram which moves at 2-speed quartz clockwork. The power supply required is 1.5V, autonomy one year and it is IP20 rated. The device comes with a battery, guide, diagrams, and a fibre-tip pen.


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