Circular chart recorder
-35 - 130 °C JRI

Self-contained circular remote recorder designed to record variations in temperature and/or relative humidity. Remote Minidisque uses gas expansion technology for temperature and hair for relative humidity.

1 or 2 channel
Measurement accuracy at 23°C : T : ±2% of the MR with a minimum of ±1°C RH : ±5% RH
Measurement range : -25°C+25°C ; +30°C +130°C ; 0°C +120°C ; -35°C+15°C ; -10°C +40°C…
Recording time: 24 hours or 7 days
Recording medium : circular diagram on pre-impred paper
Diagram movement : 2-speed quartz clockwork
Power suplly : battery 1.5V
Autonomy : 1 year
IP :20

Delivered with battery, guide, diagrams, a fibre-tip pen


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