monitoring software / temperature and control



  • Function:

    monitoring, temperature and control


The SIRIUS Stockage is a software designed for the supervision and monitoring of a fixed installation. It has a site mapping function, which makes a quick system overview possible. It also has a remote alarm for SMS, e-mail, telephone call, light, buzzer, etc. Other features include radio path automatic search, which assures excellent radio communication, and a metrology management system which regulates the measurement quality of recorders, monitors repair periods, checks whether a measurement chain complies or irrelevant to its use.

The software has a configurable project planner for tasks such as, alarm inhibition, upload of data , audit trail and alarm report printing, defrost cycles , etc. There are 4 options for accessibility: administrator, user, lot management and metrologist. It is applicable to several SPY RF ® ModeM devices. Both mono-user and multi-user versions are available.