spherical roller bearing / self-aligning / for heavy loads
Example 1 JTEKT-Koyo



  • Rolling element:

    spherical roller

  • Other characteristics:

    self-aligning, for heavy loads


Koyo's spherical roller bearings are specially designed to be capable of massive load bearings. They are also highly capable of re-aligning themselves automatically. These primary features of theirs make these spherical roller bearings ideal for minimum-to-medium-velocity purposes which always entail massive loading, as well as impact loading.

Spherical roller bearings (by Koyo) are classified into three differing kinds: RHA, R, and RH(R) types, with each type differing from another by means of overall interior design. They also come in tapered, or cylindrical bores, and may come with additional, supplementary withdrawal sleeves, or adapter components. Specific bearings with integrated tapered bores can easily be removed, as well as be fit by means of these accessory withdrawal sleeves or adapter assembly units.