Recirculating chiller
-20 °C ... +40 °C, 3 - 47 l | FL series JULABO GmbH


The FL300 from the FL series which is manufactured by JULABO is a recirculating cooler that has been developed to provide effective, and reliable quality performance for laboratories and industries that requires cooling applications. Its compact, and minimal footprint design that has a bath tank constructed out of stainless steel and is integrated with large and bright LED display and a splash-proof keypad that incorporates mains switch as well as a microprocessor PID temperature control.

It utilizes ethanol as its refrigerant which gives it a cooling capacity ranging from -20 °C and up to 20 °C while at 0.1 kW up to 0.3 kW. It is integrated with strong immersion pumps suitable for a steady operation which has a maximum capacity flow rate of 15 l/m and a maximum capacity of flow pressure of up to 0.35 bar.


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