poultry industrial cooker / for meat / steam / stainless steel



  • Food product:

    for poultry, for meat

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel


Manufactured from stainless steel AISI304 – EN 1.4301. Optional in AISI316 – EN 1.4401
Robust construction on four or six height-adjustable legs.
The inside of the cooking tank is glazed polished, to prevent sticking of products containing sugar or jellies
Heat transmission is done by a heat exchanger, being a thermal oil jacket with heating elements inside
Stone wool fiber isolation
Cover hinge self-compensated by internal spring, manufactured by Echtermann, except for the 50, 120 and 200 liters models. It allows the cover to stay in any desired position, and it closes by its own weight when it is on a lower-than 10º angle, as per DIN 18855 regulations for cooking equipment. Our 1.000 liters model can be manufactured with a whole cover or two medium covers
Silicone seal according to FDA regulations for food safety that assures a perfect closing of the cooking tank and, therefore, avoids any heat loss and keeps a homogeneous temperature inside of the tank.
Valves for filling the cooking tank with cold and hot water, manufactured by Echtermann
Emptying valve equipped with a safety lever with a 90º exit, manufactured by Echtermann
Stainless Steel legs, height adjustable
Corners and weldings-free, to help on cleaning process and avoid any bacterial growth
Expansion oil tank on the outside, on the back of the cooker that allows a comfortable and easy oil filling and level checking. It can also be placed inside of the cooker
Oil tank with exit to the outside, easy to empty
Thermal oil included