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dTRON 300 series JUMO GmbH & Co. KG



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The actual JUMO dTRON 3xx regulator collection includes 4 openly automated units in a variety of DIN platforms to manage temps, demands, along with other procedure factors. The actual products are utilized like heat range game controllers TR based on DIN EN 14 597 within high temperature producing factories for that management of temperature ranges within water and also gasoline platforms. The actual high-contrast, multicolor Liquid crystal display for that specific worth, setpoint worth, and also user assistance includes 2 4-digit 7-segment features, 2 single-digit 16-section features, feature regarding dynamic setpoint valuations, 6 exchange status signs, and also feature with respect to device, ramp functionality, and also hands-on setting. Easy procedure having 4 buttons. The actual devices can be used Two-state, three-state, 3-stage regulators, or perhaps constant regulators. Amongst others, the actual regulator system features a system or perhaps ramp functionality, the parameter block-switch, 2 auto-optimizing solutions, 1 mathematics and also thinking component, and 4 restriction valuation screens. The actual linearizations regarding the actual typical calculating probes are generally saved; encoding...