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4-wheel electric counterbalanced forklift truck
1.6 - 2 t | EFG 3xx/3xxk series JUNGHEINRICH

The newest generation of AC technology offers numerous advantages for electric counterbalance trucks:
* Minimal energy consumption due to high efficiency and energy recovery.
* Minimal service costs due to the reduction of mechanical and hydraulic components.
* Efficient electric hydraulic steering with AC technology.

The advantage: faster work cycles with significantly longer operating times from only one battery charge.
Along with the reduced maintenance requirements, this results in low operating costs. Changing the battery is simple and easy: the choice of three different battery changing options makes this easy for any user even during three-shift operations.

The robust truck construction, user-friendly design and innovative technology ensures long term reliability.

* Robust construction with steel bumpers, steel bonnet and protected lights.
* Enclosed chassis even under the battery for added stability and protection.
* Maintenance-free components (e.g. brakes and transmission).
* Innovative technology with halogen bulbs and LEDs.


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