Lifting DC/DC converter / non-isolated
12 VDC / 48VDC, 400 W | PSU48/12-2, PSU48/24-2 JVL


  • Technology:

    lifting, non-isolated


PSU48/12-2 and PSU48/24-2 Power Supplies may be used just as a battery at the time the supply voltage is 12VDC. It transforms 12 VDC into 48 VDC regulated to allow a motor controller seeking 48VDC to be connected straightaway. For example, it is possible to connect MAC motor MAC050 to MAC141 series and QuickStep MIS23x series may be connected straightaway. 12 VDC can be connected to a motorcontroller however the maximum velocity shall be around 25%. Also the motor’s dynamic capabilities shall reduce significantly. PSU48/12-2 is capable of delivering 140 W continually and around 400W peak that goes well with the requirement of MAC 140. Thus, only a 12 VDC supply promotes consistent and dynamic motor system. The converter PSU48/24-2 can be delivered in case the supply is 24VDC.


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