Cutting and machining center for aluminum and PVC profiles
ø 500 mm, 18.5 kW | FA 1010 Kaban Makina LTD.


Machine has a flexible program structure that involves joinery and optimization programs and it is designed with the industrial PC features.
Modular structure can work at the same time.
Installed programs allow planning of production capacity.
It manages continuous Kaban training and all of the technical services if needed.
There are 2 production capacity-standard and high quality.
CE Certificated Safety Components guarantees absolute safety against accidents.
There is a option of unit processing in which all the hole drilling, canal opening, marking operations are made.
It has 6 axl? servo-controlled.
In order to open water slot canals to between 0 – 60,with 0,01° spaces, servo-motor controlled driller is installed.
Machine has a servo-controlled cutting unit with 0,1° cutting sensitivity between 30°-150° angles.
Operating speed can be adjustable due to servo-motor controlled saw.
It has also a shavings conveyor.


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