floor-standing air purifier / filter / plasma / multi-stage



  • Mounting:


  • Type:

    filter, plasma

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    60 W


With our AFG 100 air purifier, poor quality air that is contaminated with pathogens in closed rooms is a thing of the past. This is thanks, in particular, to an integrated plasma generator, which removes all types of germs from the air in the room and then kills them. An additional multi-stage system, comprising a prefilter, HEPA* and active carbon filter, safely and reliably removes coarse and fine particles such as hairs, dusts and gases. The air quality is monitored by means of a sensor so that it remains constant at all times in automatic mode. If required, the five-speed fan supplies rooms up to 60 m² with clean air in no time at all. * EN 1822:1998

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