refrigerated compressed air dryer / cam
TF series Kaeser Compressors


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Capacity:

    Max.: 1060 ft³/min (30.02 m³/min)

    Min.: 520 ft³/min (14.72 m³/min)

  • Working pressure:



Water vapor from compressed air cools and condenses as liquid condensate during its flow through the compressed air piping. The formed condensate effects product quality and increases product's maintenance. Kaeser Secotec® dryers provide an ideal solution to this.

Kaeser Secotec® dryers are reliable units to protect your system. They condense and remove moisture before your system is attacked. The dryers are equipped with energy saving Secotec cycling control. The dryers use a thermal storage medium to operate the refrigerant compressor only when required. The medium is cooled to a pre-determined temperature through the refrigerant compressor, then cuts off, during which the medium cools the air and condenses the water-vapor.