Large-format shrink tunnel
40 kVA | COMPACT 1000 Q Kallfass


  • Characteristics:



The new one for large formats in fine-shrinking polyolefin films

1000 mm tunnel clearance!
The COMPACT 1000 Q has been conceived for the packaging of large products in polyolefin film with high capacity. Now it is possible to pack large game-boxes, puzzles, art prints, picture frames and the like in sales-boosting and super-transparent shrink-film. But even for furniture, décor auxiliary, shelves etc. the COMPACT 1000 Q offers new possibilities.
The patented ring nozzle heating system with adjustable air-flow regulation and excellent shrinking characteristics have been assumed from the smaller COMPACT-models and is fourfold existent in the COMPACT 1000 Q. The maintenance-free plastic modular belt keeps the maintenance cost low and cares for low-cost-of-ownership in the daily application.


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