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Kamenny Vek company and our partners started producing of new noncombustible heat insulation material — basalt needle-punched mat. This product allows to realize the main advantages of the basalt fiber over the traditional fibers — E-glass and mineral wool.

Ecological and technological advantages:

1. Basalt needle-punched mat is not impregnated with any binder, but is formed due to multiple needle puncturing. Traditional thermal insulation is made using the chemical binder, which release toxic gases during decomposition — such as phenol, phormaldehyde, etc.

2. The base material for our basalt needle-punched mats is the continuous basalt fiber with monofilament diameter 10-17 micron, whereas in other products like mineral wool the fiber diameter is 3-4 micron. Such materials are carcinogenic, as opposed to our mats.

3. Our needle-punched mat does not shrink while assembling and exploitation. Consequently, no gaps arise between the insulation material and the insulated surface. The mat is easelly cutted, flexible and, as a result, easy to process. Exploitation temperature is from -200 °C and till + 700 °C . The mat is highly resistable to aggressive media.

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