voltage monitoring system / for pumps / smart / remote
Kamstrup Instumenation



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for pumps

  • Other characteristics:

    smart, remote


With the increasing low-voltage grid challenges due to a fluctuating distributed generation, new loads like EVs and heat pumps, customers demanding quick resolutions to problems and strict compliance requirements from regulatory organisations, the need for monitoring thousands of secondary substations, which may be dispersed over hundreds of kilometers of territory, is ever-increasing.

OMNICON UtiliKeeper® is a smart grid component, which by means of external sensors, detects critical substation situations and sends alarms to operators in near real-time. The integrated logger functionality of UtiliKeeper® provides an overview of historical data and events.
The possibility to connect a variety of different sensors to UtiliKeeper® makes it possible to basically know everything you want to know about your substation.
- Remote access to all critical substation information helps managing work crew and reducing truck rolls and the cost of maintaining the grid by sending the right crew to the right location in a timely fashion and avoiding callbacks for nested outages.