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Electro-permanent magnetic chuck / rectangular / for grinding
EPT series Kanetec


  • Technology:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for grinding


Most suitable for highly accurate grinding such as precision grinding and slicing.
Electricity is applied momentarily only to control the magnetomotive force when mounting and dismounting workpieces, minimizing heat generated internally to ensure high precision machining operations.
Electricity needs not be applied continuously even when holding workpieces, helping reduce running costs.
The holding power is maintained by the permanent magnet in the event of power failure, improving safety.
An environment-friendly resin bonded face plate is employed.
Type EPT-LW is equipped with a low magnetic force (weak attraction) control function, which is difficult to achieve with conventional permanent electromagnetic chucks, to facilitate stress relieving and workpiece positioning to the same level achieved by electromagnetic chucks. (When the low magnetic force control function is active, the chuck is in the continuous power-on state.) Note that this must be used together with the dedicated Chuck Master (Type EPH-LW)


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