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EPH-LW series Kanetec

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magnetic chuck control magnetic chuck control - EPH-LW series


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The use of the low magnetic force control function enables straightening operations as with electromagnetic chucks.
The use of the low magnetic force control function facilitates positioning of workpieces. (The low magnetic force control requires electricity to be supplied continuously. When used under low magnetic force control for long hours, accuracy change due to heat generated in the permanent electromagnetic chuck may slightly affect the machining accuracy.)
These Chuck Masters enable it to control the low magnetic force (weak holding power), which is difficult with permanent electromagnetic chucks. When a conventional permanent electromagnetic chuck is used, it is necessary to turn it off once and after lowering the magnetizing voltage, turn it on again in order to set a low magnetic force for straightening grinding operations. These Chuck Masters have a control function by which the power can be applied continuously only in the low output region, which makes it possible to finely and continuously adjust the low magnetic force region as with electromagnetic chucks. They offer a capability of straightening grinding with permanent electromagnetic chucks. Workpieces can also be positioned smoothly with the low magnetic force control.

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