Electro-permanent magnetic chuck / double-face / for milling
EPB-2F series Kanetec


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  • Applications:

    for milling


suitable for various milling applications such as processing by MC.
As attractive force is provided from top and bottom faces, mechanical clamping is not necessary. It can be set on the machine table easily.
By fi xing a work piece as it is overhung, fi ve faces can be performed by one chucking.
Because it is EP magnet type, there is almost no worry of power outage, wire disconnection. Almost no heat is generated and therefore, negative infl uence to a work piece by heat is minimal.
As the power supply cable is of metal connector specifi cation, it can be detached easily, and can respond to pallet changing or outer setting.
Depending on work piece size or processing conditions, more than 2pcs of chucks can be used at the same time.


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