Vacuum chuck
KVR series Kanetec


Chucks to hold workpieces by utilizing atmospheric vacuum pressure. Nonmetallic and nonmagnetic materials can be held and machined. These chucks are suitable for grinding and cutting plastics and grinding aluminum, brass, stainless steel, ceramic and glass.
The suction holes on the chuck work face can be arranged to set an effective holding area according to shapes of workpieces by combined adjustment of thread valves and valves.
The suction holes have cross grooves to expand the acting area. Thus, few thread valves are used to improve work efficiency.
The chuck work face is made of iron to allow self grinding to recover parallelism.
Since the chuck work face is made of iron, magnetic devices can be utilized as workpiece stoppers.
A special suction hole layout adapter can be installed according to workpieces and work procedures.
These chucks can be mounted on magnetic chucks.
Since no heat source or moving parts are used inside the chucks, high precision machining is ensured.


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