Multi-function meter: pressure, air velocity, air flow
0.1 - 30 m/s | Anemomaster Professional Kanomax USA

The new Anemomaster features an extended 2-year warranty. It’s available in a high-end Professional model with USB interface and greater datalogging capacity as well as an economical Standard version that maintains accuracy while cutting the price tag. Both versions feature telescopic, articulating probes for traversing, hands-free case for easy operation, and a slick new design with an easy to read backlit LCD.

Features: The most accurate handheld hot-wire anemometer in its class, Probe Compatibility feature allows you to have spare probes, Detachable probe, Automatic Flow Rate Calculation function, USB connection to PC, Large data storage, stores up to 20000 measurements, Differential Pressure available as an option.

Benefits: One probe simultaneously measures air velocity, air temperature, relative humidity, and airflow rate, 7 different detachable probes available, including a low air velocity, omni-directional probe, If you have more than one unit, detachable probes allow you to share the main unit or the probes, Optional Measuring Software (Model S600-00) displays real-time measurements in table, graphic, and spread sheet formats.


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