Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) megapixel GigE color CCD digital camera
0.5 Mpix, 782 x 582 pix, 60 fps | Zelos-415C GV PoE Kappa optronics

High-Value Industrial Cameras:
The Kappa camera models presented in the Camfinder are
designed for industrial use. They also present a flexible
technological platform for customer-specific solutions.

Our rugged design is a multi-stage approach which flexibly
adapts to client-specific requirements. On request we offer
our camera models as rugged versions with an extended
temperature range and enhanced resistance to shock and

An increasing number of customers also need extensive tests
and analyses, e.g. with an ATP for each single camera.
We offer this qualification program with extensive
documentation tailored to your specific needs as a
supplementary service.


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