energy storage system

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energy storage system energy storage system


The innovative technology of the dynamic high temperature heat storage TES allows to store solar energy or waste process heat at temperatures up to 1000oC and then released in a variety of different ways and when needed. This complete new concept enables for the first time the deferred dynamic use of thermal energy. The new design allows significantly higher storage capacities and the bridging of periods with low demand.
This new technology is operating at the solar tower plant in Jülich making it a world first.

High energy efficiency by low temperature difference between charging and discharging conditions
Compact design
Stable partial load characteristics while charging and discharging
Low energy losses during shutdown period by active segment control
Low equalisation of the temperature level via the storage height during shutdown period
Possibility of charging and discharging with different air volume and temperature levels
Utilisation of the whoe storage media by equalized charging and discharging
High plant availability
Low specific costs (€/kWth)