chemical pump / stepper motor-driven / syringe / for laboratories
0.01 - 140 ml | KDS 410 KDS



  • Media:

    for chemicals

  • Operation:

    stepper motor-driven

  • Type:


  • Domain:

    for laboratories

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, metering


The KDS 410 is an innovative pump which gives increased linear force for demanding operations. Its high pressure performance gives more than double the linear force provided by the KDS 200 models. Chemical reactors which require forceful delivery of fluids in certain applications as well as those that require transfer of viscous liquids benefit the most from this high force syringe pump.

The syringe holder is designed such that even when the fluid is being transferred, the syringe is kept firmly at level by a sturdy clamping mechanism. Clamp sizes are available to accommodate both larger and smaller syringes.

Operations that require a tough pump can easily use the KDS 410 pump for optimum performance. It encapsulates two different modes of operation, one for dispensing and the other for withdrawal. In two fast, easy steps, the KDS 410 is set and ready to perform. The pump's memory function has required flow rates stored. The user has to just enter flow rate and type of syringe into the program and the pump does the rest.

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