Technical fabric cleaning solution


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    for technical fabrics


Clean your soft doors and your equipment with technical fabric care solutions KEALA® to:
. Remove soiled surfaces of your flexible doors.
. Remove stubborn and persistent work.

Two types of cleaning solutions and flexible high speed doors doors with KEALA®:
. Cleaner: To clean the surfaces of your doors.
. A stain: use pure on the tasks to be processed.

The interviews KEALA® solutions are designed for all types of equipment technical fabric:
. These solutions and clean off without attacking the protective coating.
. Of products for professional use.
. Our products do not affect the waterproofing, anti-UV treatment, fireproofing.
The KEALA® products can be used on all surfaces of type of truck tarps, covers, tents, welding, removable soft shelters, party tents, flexible partitions.


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