free-standing railing / with automatic closure / galvanized steel / for ladder access points



  • Type:

    with automatic closure, free-standing

  • Material:

    galvanized steel

  • Applications:

    for ladder access points


KeeGuard Ladder Kit

KeeGuard® Ladder Kit provides permanently fixed guardrail either side of an existing fixed ladder and a self-closing swing gate permitting safe roof access for the purpose of inspection or maintenance work on roofs.

The kit has been specifically designed to provide a “retro-fit” solution to existing fixed ladders/cat ladders to ensure the complete assembly complies with EN 14122-4.

• Free-standing roof guardrail at 1.5m either side of the ladder
• Reversible self-closing gate
• Available as a kit
• Galvanised steel finish
• Simple and quick to install
• Guardrail to enhance safety around ladder access points
• Prevents falls down the side of the ladder
• Complies with EN 14122 Part 4
• Counter balanced system so no damage to the roof membrane or building structure
• Can be “retro-fitted” to existing fixed/cat ladder