Skylight roof edge protection


  • Applications:

    for skylights


KEE DOME is a modular system designed specifically to prevent falls through skylights. Sturdy recycled PVC bases lock the posts into position around the corners of a skylight and Kee Klamp® fittings and tube are used to construct a rigit frame.

The KEE DOME structure is safety compliant, remains completely free-standing and eliminates the risk of damage to the roof membrane. The system has been tested to EN 14122: pt3.

- Reliable collective safety solution

- Minimise the risk of falling through glazed areas or open hatches

- Modular system using standard components

- Recycled PVC feet do not penetrate the roof membrane

- Fits square and rectangular skylights, rooflights and domelights

- Rapid assembly around the designated area

- Designed as a permanent solution, but can be easily dismantled, moved and re-erected elsewhere


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