inspection camera module / thermal imaging / infrared / FPA
HL-640S Keii Electro Optics Technology Co.,Ltd



  • Function:

    inspection, thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    USB 3.0

  • Other characteristics:

    uncooled, for UAVs


Keii HL-640S is a UAV/UAS/Drone-mounted Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, which give UAV pilots a thermographers' view though snapshotting and filming 16bit full radiometric image and videos.
Each image contains accurate temperature data with ± 2°C accuracy embedded in every pixel.
With 50HZ detector, 16 bit processing rate, F value 1.0, the image/videos is unparalleled which has been continually validated by many UAV manufacturers.

HL-640S is Keii standard, most mature and most cost-effective UAV camera with stable performance and it is our best seller too.

Keii UAV-mounted Infrared Cameras features:
* 640×480 resolution
* On-board recording
* 16 bit full radiometric
* Temperature data in ever pixel
* 50HZ Detector
* Easy integration

Keii HL-640S features:
* Hot seller and cost-effective
* 25mm lens
* Fixed lens and manual focus
* Standard 3 Pallet Available

Mainly for Power grid inspection and also for application in police, roof inspection, firefighting and power plants inspection etc.