quadrotor UAV / inspection / infrared camera / with thermal camera
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    infrared camera, with thermal camera


Base on the DJI phantom 4 platform, KEII launch new thermal imaging module. With
640x480 uncooled detector, 2 mega pixel high definition FPV CCD camera, the module integrated completely with drone and special develop Apps for data analysis is available as well. It’s portable and efficient and can be applied in field of rescue, solar panel inspection, power line inspection, eco preservation and firefighting etc.,

- Support video signal, point to point, and point to multi points mode
- Ultra-low Delay≤10ms
- 32 Channel optional, strong anti-interference capability
- High power image transmitter, transmission distance can reach 5km with high-gain plate antenna
- Infrared detector resolution in 640x480 pixels
- 16 bits full dynamic accurate temperature measurement and video record
- Auto tracking max temp. point and real-time overlay display on the video
- Optional geographic coordinate information and infrared data real-time overlay, synchronous record

Main features:
- Weight less than 1600g (including drone).
- Resolution: 640x480 pixels for IR, 2.0 megapixels visual camera
- 25mm IR lens
- Fixed focus (10 meters away free focus).
- High thermal sensitivity at <0.05°C
- Image frequency up to 50 Hz
- 4x 8x times zoom
- Measuring Temp. from -20℃~+150℃
- ±2℃ or ±2% Temp. accuracy
- Enable to save thermal image and record radiometric infrared video with temperature data to SD card.

Power line, Substation Inspection
Solar Panels Monitoring
Fire Prevention/ Detection
Search & Rescue
Eco preservation etc.,

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