AC/DC power supply / low-voltage / tabletop / measuring device
2636B Keithley Instruments



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    low-voltage, tabletop, measuring device

  • Power:

    200 W

  • Input voltage:

    Max.: 250 V

    Min.: 100 V

  • Output voltage:

    Max.: 200 V

    Min.: 0 V

  • Current:

    Max.: 10 A

    Min.: 0 A


Series 2600B SourceMeter SMU Instruments family now introduces its newest instrument - Model 263B SourceMeter SMU. This is a new and improved two-channel SMU instrument with integrated 4-quadrant design which allows it to simultaneously source and measure both voltage and current to increase productivity in applications ranging from R&D to automated production test. The Model 263B has 6 1/2 digitl resolution, USB 2.0 connectivity and software command emulation of the Model 2400 that allows easy migration of legacy test code. This world class model is also equipped with Keithley's high speed TSP technology which enhances system level speed to save costs. The 0.1fA measurement resolution output makes it perfectly convenient to test wide range of lower current devices and materials.