50 - 100 W gear-motor / 1 - 5 Nm / DC / parallel-shaft
KS-06 + GR63X55 KELVIN



  • Power:

    50 - 100 W

  • Torque:

    1 - 5 Nm

  • Motor type:


  • Shaft orientation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, low-noise, variable-speed, custom, 24V

  • Product applications:

    industrial, for the food industry, for industrial applications, for automation, for the packaging industry, for machines, for conveyors, for heavy-duty applications, for lifting applications, industrial door

  • Voltage :



Gearmotor combination of high quality DC brush motor (UL approved) with high endurance gearbox for heavy duty continuous workload in any position, with torque up to 40Nm, steady load. BOX: made of anodized aluminum. GEAR SET: Hobbed spur gear set with steel pinions and gear wheels, with case hardening treatment. All gear sets adjusted with prime quality ball bearing. INPUT SHAFT: Steel hollow shaft Ø6mm with DIN 6885 key way. OUTPUT SHAFT: Hollow output shaft Ø20mm with DIN6885 kay way. Axial/Radial force 1500N. Special output shafts on request. BEST FOR: To be combined with motors and gearmotors to obtain low speed and high torque with reduced dimensions.APPLICATIONS:Agriculture, gearswitch, conveyors, access control, transportation,...

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