hollow-shaft angle gearbox / 90°
Kendrion (Markdorf) GmbH

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hollow-shaft angle gearbox / 90° hollow-shaft angle gearbox / 90°


  • Configuration:

    hollow-shaft, 90°


Kendrion combination of fan clutch upstream of the angle gearbox allows for lateral radiator installation in busses/coaches, thus enabling a more flexible and efficient design of the cooling system. The alternative arrangement of the clutch represents an important optimization: The classic arrangement was to position the fan clutch „downstream“ of the angle gearbox between gearbox and fan. Now, it is also possible to position the clutch „upstream“ of the gearbox.

The average gearbox speed is reduced in this array. The extremely positive results are reduced gearbox loading, along with lower noise levels and increased service life of the complete system. Together with an integrated gearbox ventilation and optimized
gearbox bedding, the new angle gearbox generation can certainly meet increasing customer requirements in terms of service life.

The improved service-friendliness and oil-change intervals of up to 250,000 km also add to a reduction of vehicle downtime, which then again increases the overall efficiency of the complete system. The Kendrion angle gearbox is 100% recyclable, and can also be reprocessed as a replacement part.

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