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Beveling machines drilling tool
BF, SEFAS series Kennametal


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    beveling machine


Kennametal's Series of comprehensive combination tools include two distinct systems: the SEFAS System and the BF System. While both systems of combination tools have similarities with one another (such as "chamfering"-, countersinking-, and drilling-enabling capabilities), they also have their dissimilarities.

The BF system sports a sleek architecture and a through-coolant feature, enabling it to be utilized for more rooted holes within a compact work area, and on dynamic components. It is recommended to be used with modular KenTIP drills and solid carbide.

The SEFAS system exhibits a drill diameter radius of 3.4-18 millimeters. It performs best with basic solid carbide drills and with KenTIP modular drills. For enhanced precision, however, utilize it with the hydraulic chuck.


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