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Bulk material clam bucket
1.5 - 32 t | DG2 series KEP DimAl, Ltd.


  • Options:

    for bulk materials


Kep DIMAL releases a wide range of clamshell grabs and grapples that are highly popular in applications like managing limestone, iron scrap, sugarcane, bulk cargos, mill scale, and BFG slag. They are also popular while using wooden logs and dredging purpose. Though the grabs can be bought in different specifications, customers can also order the same depending on their own specifications. The company aims to deliver the best value for the customers, including low maintenance costs and commendable durability. KEP DimAl delivers more than 500 models of clamshell grabs. They could be single, double, triple or four-rope clamshell buckets and grapples, some are motor grabs, others hydraulic or pneumatic.


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