threaded insert / self-tapping / metal / flat
Ensat®-S Kerb Konus



  • Type:

    threaded, self-tapping

  • Material:


  • Configuration:


  • Size:

    Max.: 40 mm

    Min.: 6 mm


The Ensat are a self-tapping threaded inserts that are equipped with both external and internal threads, cutting slots, or cutting bores. These devices' characteristics are further enhanced using the continuous process of development. These are sealed with both German and foreign patents. Furthermore, these perform a minimal inward springing action, thus creating a certain screw-locking effect. If this effect is not required, using an Ensat-SB 307/308 device is highly-recommended.

Additionally, these are developed for some materials that possesses difficult cutting properties. They have a thick wall and their cutting force is equally distributed over three different cutting edges. In addition to that, these are specifically applied to fields that require special space conditions (residual wall thicknesses), and are also suitable for driving.