Digital sound level meter
30 - 130 dB | SU 130 KERN & SOHN

Professional sound level meter for measuring noise in areas such as, for example, the environment, mechanical applications, car industry and much more
Measures the sound intensity in the workplace
Helps in differentiating between normal noise influences, and excessive noise, e.g. in a production hall
Data interface RS-232, included
Delivered in a hard carrying case
Multi measuring functions:
Lp: Standard sound level measuring function
Leq: Energy equivalent sound level measuring mode (type A)
Ln: Shows the deviation from a pre-defined limit in %
Selectable methods of evaluation:
A: As sensitive as the human ear
C: Sensitive for noisier environmental conditions, where there are machines, plant, motors etc.
F: For areas where sound intensity does not vary
Function to set limits: Programmable target value for go / no-go test values
TRACK function for continuous recording of variable environmental conditions
Peak Hold Mode to capture peaks
Internal memory for measured values, for 30 measurements. Can be displayed on the PC


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