mechanical spring balance
285 series KERN & SOHN

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mechanical spring balance mechanical spring balance - 285 series


  • Type:


  • Rated load:

    10 kg, 35 kg, 5 kg, 50 kg, 20 kg (22.05 lb)


This Spring Balance offers precision of ±0.3%. The accurate and conveniently sized device boasts a tube made from durable anodized aluminum with a high-resolution long scale. It features zero and tare adjustment. The tare screw can be rotated in gradual steps so as to avoid unintended adjustment. The suspension bow can be rotated and is removable. It can also be swiveled and is guided in a ring.

The lower suspension can also rotate and swivel, and it is easily changeable with the help of various accessories. With multiple useful features, this is a durable and versatile instrument ideal for measuring and weighing traction forces. It is always ready to use and doesn't require batteries.