laboratory stereo microscope / inspection / measuring / trinocular



  • Technical applications:

    laboratory, inspection, measuring

  • Ergonomics:

    trinocular, binocular

  • Other characteristics:

    LED illumination

  • Magnification:

    Min.: 1 unit

    Max.: 5 unit


Predefined stereo microscope sets with universal stand and illumination for your functional workplace
This saves you spending time on configuration and being spoilt for choice in the combination of different components. In this way you get an in expensive and highly-flexible solution for your microscope workplace
The KERN OZM-9 is a range of excellent stereo zoom microscopes with above-average optical features
The 4,5W-LED ring lighting included as standard guarantees the very best illumination of your sample
With its large working distance, an extra large field of view and its brilliant resolution, the KERN OZM-9 provides sharp, high-contrast, colour-true images.
The zoom objective offers you continuous magnification from 7,5×–45×
There is a choice of one binocular model as well as one trinocular model for connecting a camera for documentation purposes and for quality reports.
The individually adjustable hinged arm universal stand with clamp guarantees the highest level of flexibility and greatest range. Using the separate height adjustment and pull-out hinged arms means that large samples can be inspected
Using the clamp means that the universal stand can be fixed to any work bench
Simple – convenient – affordable