Basic sound level meter / class 2 / digital
SU series KERN & SOHN


  • Type:


  • Precision class:

    class 2

  • Other characteristics:


  • Noise level:

    Min.: 30 dB

    Max.: 130 dB


The SU Professional sound level meter, Class II can be utilized in various measuring applications. It is well suited for use in mechanical and car industry operations. A Peak Hold Mode that can be used in capturing peaks is incorporated. The level meter is manufactured with different multi-measuring functions. This includes the Lp (standard sound level measuring mode), Leq (energy equivalent sound level measuring mode) and Ln (indicates the deviation from a pre-defined limit).

The instrument is capable of quantifying the sound intensity in a particular workplace. It is designed with a programmable target value for both go and no-go assessment values. Selectable means of evaluation are all included. It is also accompanied by data interface RS-232 features. The level meter can also be employed in differentiating normal noise and excessive noise influences.


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