peel-off force test stand / vertical / with handwheel
TPE series KERN & SOHN



  • Test type:

    peel-off force

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, with handwheel


The SAUTER test stand TPE is engineered for skin testing that includes dragging of a joint layer from a base component. It offers a secured and dependable operation owing to the crank capacity. The SAUTER TPE is engineered with a pressure computation compartment that releases the force concurrently and shifts sideways or upwards. This results in the production of a peel-off motion that protects from shear pressure that can possibly disfigure the outcome.

Additionally, this test unit can move at a 45° parallel angle, while the force computation tool is attached in a perpendicular dimension. It is ideal for all kinds of SAUTER pressure computation tools up to 500 N. Moreover, the features of this product include travel coverage per knob circulation of 3,1 mm, optimum stripping height of 105 mm, average positions of WxDxH 420x215x480 mm and net weight of about 22 kg.