DC electric torque motor / synchronous / brushless
3206 series Ketterer



  • Type:

    synchronous, brushless

  • Power:

    140 W (0.19 hp)


The 14-pol BLDC engine has high-performance neodymium magnets and two analog hall sensors that are able to determine the rotor position. To be a plug-in system is what the electrical connections are designed as. Additional power electronics are needed in order to have the motor operate. The high torque engine has a very good overload resistance. It can be used as a system for direct-drive or as a generator for any gearless application. The BLDC torque motor t-Rex 3206 and t-Rex-I-65-86 are able to withstand a short-term overload. Its supply voltage can be up to 48 V, its RPM is up to 1.200, efficiency is at 89 percent, the diameter is at 65 mm, length 86 mm and the weight is 1.4 kg.