DC electric torque motor / brushless / synchronous
3207.48-0020 Ketterer



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:

    brushless, synchronous

  • Power:

    375 W, 550 W, 710 W (0.51 hp)


The Brushless synchronous electric torque motor Series 3207 i-Rex-A-125-85 is manufactured by Ketterer. The product has out-runner engine with very high torques and the product is fit to be utilized as a direct drive. The performance data of the engine depends on the number of winding and the wiring version. The product can also be operated as a generator. The maximum efficiency is 92% and the product measures 125 mm. The length measures 85 mm and weights 2.5 kg. Lastly, the maximum torque is 10 Nm and the maximum peak torque is 15 Nm.