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Modular belt conveyor / for the food industry / food / for cans
Innopack Kisters CD KHS GmbH


  • Technology:

    modular belt

  • Sector:

    for the food industry

  • Product transported:

    food, for cans, for plastic bottles

  • Other characteristics:

    transport, horizontal, merge, modular, process, distribution


Better to make out, we lay down the track for your wadding procedure. Our Innopack Kisters CD is a completely urbanized, modular plan uniting and delivering system for all kinds of bundle. It dependably practices, many bundles consists of canisters, Polyethylene terephthalate and glass bottles, and pots and hence caters to all goods of the drink and food segments. According to the plan necessities, these appliances can be optimally applied in both the stumpy and average and the high competence arrays. The whole product line up can be easily incorporated into all our Innopack Kisters casing appliances. High-developed skill for maximum packaging class is what the company stands for. Well planned Cutting-edge servo force know-how and our individually urbanized spindle fine-tuning offer greatest suppleness when it comes to the diversity of processing designs and easy system changeover. Due to automatic tools, the positive technique of maneuver offers you the maximum likely set dependability throughout...


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