disc valve / pneumatically-operated / sampling / aseptic
Kieselmann GmbH



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    Max.: 10 bar (145 psi)


A new aseptic range of sample valves will be presented by KIESELMANN. These valves are consequently designed aseptic and stand out due to their compact construction. They can be equipped or upgraded in a multitude of ways depending on the application. Whether in the manual version with ergonomic handle and user-friendly torque or with pneumatic actuator with proximity switch or control head, they leave nothing to be desired. Equipped with purging connections, the valves have excellent cleanability and a maintenance-friendly construction. The operating range is up to 10 bar (g).

Also new is a double sealing single seat valve from the KI-DS valve range. These valves stand out due to their compact design and their modular design allows optimum adaptation to operation requirements. Two valve discs with integrated radial seals ensure a safe separation of adverse media. In case of leakage the media will be drained to ambient exterior via a ring chamber without contamination of the other media. This ring chamber can be cleaned via an additional inlet valve or used as a sterile barrier. Like all products in this valve series the double sealing valve fulfills the high hygienic standards of KIESELMANN.