hydraulic bending machine / for tubes / semi-automatic / precision
CE TNC King-Mazon



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    semi-automatic, precision, NC

  • Tube diameter:

    Min.: 13 mm

    Max.: 324 mm

  • Bending radius:

    Min.: 100 mm

    Max.: 1100 mm


King-Mazon TNC Pipe Bender series tube bending machine is a high performance draw bending machine designed for the accurate and repeatable production of tubular components as demanded by today's industry. It is a reliable and repeatable machine with low price controlled by touch control system and PLC. It is a precise machine.

Feature Highlights
1. Adopts PLC and touch screen.

2. Drive by hydraulics.

3. After input the bending angles, the machine can bend automatically.

4. Storage: Nine bends per part and 500 groups programs.

5. Automatic compensation function.

6. Calculator function.

7. Prevention of ovality and wall thickness reduction functions.

8. Powerful water cooling system allows the machine working in tropical area.

9. Oil coolant-Air (Optional).

10. Mandrel lubrication function (Optional).

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