hydraulic bending machine / for tubes / profile / 3 drive rollers
CE King-Mazon



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes, profile

  • Other characteristics:

    3 drive rollers, rolling


Multi-roll Profile Rolling Machine is designed for multi rolls, 3 sets rolls for feeding material and 3 rolls for bending. Small size rolling machine adopts electromotor driven and big size adopts hydraulic driven. It's mostly used for bending coil pipe, spiral pipe, big radian pipe,etc. It's very suitable used for the industry of aircraft, rocket, train, boiler, sporting goods, hardware machinery, automotive,etc.

Multi-roll Profile Rolling Machine's Feature Highlights

1. Multi-roll Profile Rolling Machine is normally a 7 roll machine.
2. 3 sets rolls used for feeding profile.
3. Feeding roll driven by electromotor or hydraulic motor.
4. Curvature adjusting roller's moving adopts machinical or hydraulic.
5. Curvature adjusting roller's moving adopts servo motor(optional)
6. Manual and Semi-automode
7. It can process different profile like angle iron, flat iron, round pipe, and other different sections.
8. It's suitable for bending spiral pipe.