metal cutting machine / rotary blade / for tubes / CNC
CE King-Mazon



  • Material:

    for metal

  • Technology:

    rotary blade

  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, with automatic feeder

  • Tube diameter:



1. The automatic cutting machine is equipped with automatic feeding, automatic transmission, automatic positioning, automatic head and tail cuuting;

2. A series function of automatic tube length positioning,automatic cutting, no material auto-stop, saw blade passivating auto-stop, etc;

3. With dual palm remote control, advanced electrical control system, auto cooling system and iron filings collection box.

4. It is a high speed servo motor feeding Metallic Disc Saw Machine, applied in cuuting solid bar, thick wall tube, solid cooper, or cooper bar, solid aluminum bar or aluminum tube, non metal bar or tube.

5. Max. tube cutting OD 280mm.

6. Applied saw blade with the material of high speed steel, hard alloy.

7. Workpiece cutting length accuracy: less than 0.1mm.

8. Each tube can be cut in 1-7 knids of workpiece with auto cutting in different length.