electric bending machine / for tubes / semi-automatic
SCM King-Mazon



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    for tubes

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SCM pipe bender of King-mazon is a high performance bending machine which can accurately duplicate the production pipe parts according to the needs of the Chinese market and the current industry, and is an efficient economic pipe bending device controlled by microcomputer chip technology program.Bending angle, compensation angle, auxiliary axis movement time and so on are set and controlled by man-machine dialogue. If the manual feeding machine is installed, the bending process of three-dimensional pipe fitting can be realized at one time. This type of machine is usually used in flat or simple three-dimensional pipe bending. A single clamping automatically completes the bending process of a bend radius, which is the equipment of the ordinary pipe bending process. The machine is a stable, reliable, cost-effective pipe bending equipment. A large number of applications are applied to the operation of the pipe bending process. The maximum bending diameter of the series is 450mm.

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